Occupational Safety and Health

The main principle of the Company’s activity in the field of labor protection — is the recognition and ensuring the priority of the life and health of employees in relation to the results of the Company’s production operations.

Kubanenergo PJSC constantly works to improve working conditions, prevent industrial and external injuries in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Regulation for safety management system operating in the Company in order to establish a unified system of organizing the management of labor in the Company and ensuring safe and normal working conditions for workers at all stages of production, monitoring compliance with labor protection requirements at all levels of management. Standard for arrangement of the Integrated Management System STO 00104604-ISM 007-2015, complying with the requirements of GOST 12.0.230-2007, international standard OHSAS 18001, interstate standards for labor protection management systems, as well as the requirements of the labor legislation of the Russian Federation.

Ensuring safe conditions and labor protection at Kubanenergo PJSC and their compliance with the established requirements is the responsibility of the Company’s management. The requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation regarding the duties of the employer in the field of labor protection of employees of the Company are fulfilled in full.

The Company constantly monitors employees’ compliance with the requirements of labor protection rules when organizing and performing work in electrical installations. Behavioral audit — monitoring the process of organizing a safe performance of work is carried out directly in the workplace. According to the results of the control, measures are being developed to eliminate and prevent violations, including psychocorrectional exercises. Labor protection days are held on a monthly basis, which allows a large number of the Company’s employees to be involved in the process of self-control and mutual control, as well as to increase the level of knowledge and experience of employees in the field of labor protection and safety.

In the reporting year, the Company carried out labor protection measures developed in accordance with the requirements of the order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia dated 01.03.2012, No. 181n "On approval of the Model List of measures annually implemented by the employer to improve working conditions and reduce occupational risk levels".

Monthly video conference conferences were held with the participation of first deputy directors — chief engineers and heads of subdivisions of the Company’s branches to coordinate the work of the Kubanenergo PJSC branches in the area of occupational health and safety.

Classes for the functioning of the labor protection system and the timely identification of potential threats and risks to the health and life of employees were conducted in the business games mode, with the involvement of specialists in psycho-physiological ensuring the reliability of professional activities in the Company’s branches.

Targeted inspections of branches of the Company’s Armavirskiye and Slavyanskiye electric networks, together with a comprehensive audit of the branch Sochinskiye Electric Networks was carried out as a part of the functioning of the internal technical control system in 2018. Targeted inspections of structural subdivisions took place in all branches of the Company during the year, which helps to reveal and eliminate violations in due time.

In 2018, there was one accident in the Company, in 2017 there were three.

Occupational diseases of the personnel of Kubanenergo PJSC in 2018 were not identified.

To ensure the preservation of life and health of the Company’s employees, in 2018, the necessary protective equipment and devices were acquired to ensure the work safety. The annual application for the purchase of special clothes and shoes was fulfilled in full.

Specific expenses for labor protection at Kubanenergo PJSC per worker in 2014–2018, thousand rubles.