Information Technology and Telecommunications

In the reporting year, the Company continued the development of information technologies and telecommunications, including:

  • the continued development of business asset management system (BAMS);
  • modernization and development of the functionality of the electric power transmission management system;
  • work for the implementation of the unified budget classifier of PJSC Rosseti was carried out in terms of the development of the corporate information system "1C: Enterprise", a subsystem of the registry of non-financial capital was created;
  • functionality of the corporate software complex has been expanded:
    • there were designed and commissioned the functional blocks "Maintaining Capital Construction Facilities," "Development of design assignment"
    • A module for importing financial indicators from the corporate information system "1C: Enterprise" has been developed in the corporate software package,
    • the data exchange services between the corporate software complex and the personal account on the website of Kubanenergo PJSC were updated to receive applications for technological connection in the personal account: "Through the redistribution of maximum power" and "temporary connection";
  • in terms of the development of essential infrastructure services, the incident management system was finalized, namely, there were integrated the new IT services and all domains of the Company’s branches; in addition, in order to provide the Company’s subdivisions with simple and useful tools for creating, storing and searching for information, the corporate portal of Kubanenergo PJSC was developed and implemented.

In the reporting year, the following work was performed in Kubanenergo PJSC in the framework of the execution of titles of the Company’s investment program, the development of communication networks and an automated technological management system:

  • the control center of Takhtamukaysky Power Distribution Zone was equipped with a central receiving and transmitting station and the KOTMI operational information complex;
  • teleinformation collection and transmission system is organized on the newly built substation 110 kV "Lazurnaya" with the arrangement of digital communication channels and teleinformation transmission via fiber-optic links to the dispatching centers of Kubanenergo PJSC and the branch of JSC SO UES Kuban Regional Dispatch Administration (RDA);
  • reconstruction of the system for collecting and transmitting teleinformation was performed at the substations 110 kV "Yugo-Zapadnaya", "Turgenevskaya", Meat Processing Plant, "NovoRES", "Shapsug", substation 35 kV "Kalinino";
  • 218.6 km of fiber optic links were constructed, which is 17.6% of the total length of the Company’s fiber-optic connections.

Works on the collection and transmission of the minimum required the amount of telecommunication information at 34 110 kV substations, and 3 35 kV substations were carried out as a part of the execution of the schedule to increase the observability and controllability of power grid facilities with a voltage of 35 kV and above.

Development of an automated system of technological management, a network for collecting and transmitting information in 2018, %
FOL construction, %
Increased observability of substation 110 kV, %