Pricing Policy of the Company

Prices (rated) for the Company’s electricity transmission services and technological connection shall be regulated by the state and set by the orders of REC-DPR KR. The prices (tariffs) that are common for each group of electricity consumers are valid in the territory of Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea, where the Company operates.

The main regulatory legal acts regulating relations in the sphere of establishing regulated tariffs and the practice of their application:

  • Federal law dated March 26, 2003 No. 35-ФЗ “On Electric Power Industry” (as amended);
  • Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated December 29, 2011, No. 1178 “On pricing in the field of regulated prices (tariffs) in the power industry” (as amended);
  • orders of the Federal Tariff Service of Russia:
    • dated 17.02.2012, No. 98-e “Concerning the Approval of Guidelines for Calculating Tariffs for Electricity Transmission Services, Installed Using the Method of Long-Term Indexation of Required Gross Revenue”,
    • dated 06.08.2004, No. 20-e/2 “Concerning the Approval of Guidelines for the Calculation of Regulated Tariffs and Prices for Electric (Thermal) Energy in the Retail (Consumer) Market”;
  • Order of the FAS of Russia dated 29.08.2017, No. 1135/17 “Concerning the Approval of Guidelines for Determining the Amount of Payment for Technological Connection to Electric Grids.”

Since 2018 Kubanenergo PJSC switched to the next long-term period of tariff regulation for electricity transmission services for five years. Tariffs for Kubanenergo PJSC for electricity transmission services and long-term regulation parameters for 2018–2022 identified REC-DPR KR by the method of long-term indexation of the required gross revenue.