Personnel reserve

Formation and development of employee pool are one of the priorities of Kubanenergo PJSC in the field of personnel policy.

The formation and development of a managerial personnel reserve and a personnel reserve of young specialists is carried out continuously on the basis to ensure the timely needs of the Company with qualified and efficient managers. And also to create conditions for the complete disclosure of the labor potential in Kubanenergo PJSC.

The managerial personnel reserve was formed in order to ensure prompt and high-quality provision of the Company's needs for employees who are trained for work in managerial positions:

  • top managers,
  • middle managers,
  • managers and chief engineers of power distribution zone.

The Company pays special attention to the formation of a personnel reserve for the positions of heads of engineering and technical subdivisions.

The main criteria for the inclusion of workers in the management personnel reserve are:

  • high professional qualifications;
  • high results of production operations;
  • experience in certain positions;
  • availability of personal and business potential necessary for professional development and career growth.

In 2018, the management personnel reserve included 430 of the most promising employees of the Company. The provision of management positions with the personnel reserve at the end of the reporting period amounted to 59.3%.

The youth personnel reserve is formed from the number of young specialists under 35 years old who have a high development potential, are motivated for professional development and career growth in the Company.

The composition of the youth personnel reserve is updated annually, additional recruitment among young specialists of the Company is carried out to replace reservists appointed to higher positions and retired from the personnel reserve.

At the end of the reporting year, the number of the Company's youth personnel reserve is 148 people.

Target positions are defined for each reservist and mentors are assigned from among the highly qualified managers and specialists of the Company in the relevant area of activity.

Employees in the management and youth personnel reserves of the Company regularly take part in training programs, industry-wide All-Russian and regional conferences, which allow them to familiarize themselves with the advanced experience of power grid companies, learn new technologies, and master more efficient working methods.

303 reservists were trained in the areas of the Company's activities in 2018, as a part of staff development of the Company.

Of the 265 appointments to senior positions made in 2018 in the branches and the executive office of the Company, 152 positions (57%) are staffed with internal candidates, 14 of them from the management and youth personnel reserves – 14 employees (5%).