The history of dividend payments of Kubanenergo PJSC

Dividend period, year Date and number of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Kubanenergo PJSC, on which shareholders have decided to pay dividends Date of compiling the list of persons entitled to receive dividends for this dividend period Amount of declared (accrued) dividends on shares of this category (type) per one share, rubles. The total amount of declared (accrued) dividends on all shares of this category (type), rubles. Total amount of dividends paid on all shares of the Company of one category (type), rubles. The period allotted for the payment of declared dividends on the Company's shares Form and other terms of payment of declared dividends on the Company's shares Reasons for non-payment of declared dividends
2005 From 11.06.2006, No. 18 12.04.2006 4.476917 80,000,000 79,662,676.97

60 days


Failure of persons registered in the shareholder register to submit the information about changes in their personal data

2006 From 05.06.2007, No. 20 26.04.2007 1.253593 22,401,000 22,303,192.20
2007 From 06.06.2008, No. 23 17.04.2008 1.678844 30,000,000 29,873,068.07 15 days
2015 From 27.06.2016, No. 37 13.07.2016 4.047105 1,144,797,000 1,144,268,308.93 Ten and 25 business daysThe same.
2016 From 29.06.2017, No. 39 27.06.2017 1.762658567 535,125,135 534,868,722.83 Ten and 25 business daysAt the conclusion of the transaction, VAT was provided at a rate of 18%; in the fourth quarter of the reporting year, the parties entered into an additional agreement to change the VAT rate by 20%.
2017 From 25.05.2018, No. 40 05.06.2018 1.0585165 321,570,274 321,436,132.35 Ten and 25 business daysThe same.

Following the results of the 2008–2014 financial year, the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company made decisions not to pay dividends.