The program of modernization (renovation) of power grid facilities

To ensure reliable operation of the power system to determine the most optimal areas and objects of investment on September 21, 2018 The Board of Directors of the Company approved the updated Program of modernization (renovation) of power grid facilities for 2018–2026 (minutes No. 319/2018).

The modernization program (renovation) of the Company’s electric grid facilities is aimed at solving the following tasks:

  • increase of reliability of functioning of the electric grid complex;
  • replacement and exclusion from operation of equipment that has repeatedly passed the technical certification, which has an excess of normal life and an index of technical condition that does not allow for the required reliability;
  • implementation of measures aimed at reducing the accident rate and damageability of equipment, damage to the grid Company from undersupply of electricity to consumers, as well as reducing the duration of interruption of power supply to consumers;
  • the implementation of measures developed as a result of the passage of special periods and deficiencies identified during the operation, the instructions of supervisory and regulatory bodies, the application of which should be carried out in the framework of investment activities.

The program is being updated:

  • after the approval of industry regulatory legal acts establishing or changing the frequency, methods, volumes and technical means of control, the system of technical condition indicators and their allowable and limit values, which allow to reliably determine the actual technical condition of the main equipment and its change in the period of operation until the next due date control;
  • annually adjusting the investment program, Kubanenergo PJSC, taking into account changes in the technical condition of the equipment and other factors affecting its safe operation, as well as the need to include facilities as required by the supervisory authorities.
Implementation of the program of modernization (renovation) of power grid facilities in 2018
Facilities for modernization (renovation) Planned Actual The reasons for the failure of the plan
35–110 kV substation:

The non-fulfillment of part, concerning the indicators by sections, is related to the extension of the time frame for implementation of measures of the Investment Program of Kubanenergo PJSC for 2019 (approved by the order of the Ministry of Energy of Russia dated December 12, 2014, No. 18@, year of implementation — 2019) (with amendments), namely:

by separation of 35–110 kV substation:

  • reconstruction of the Substation “Severnaya” 110/35/6 kV. Installation T-3 with a capacity of 40 MVA;
  • reconstruction of the substation 110/35/10 kV “Loris” with the replacement of T-2 25 MVA with a transformer of 40 MVA and the installation of T-3 25 MVA;
  • reconstruction of the substation “Kotloma” 35 kV with the replacement of T-1 6.3 MVA transformer with 10 MVA;
  • reconstruction of the substation 110 kV “Gostagayevskaya” with the replacement of the transformer T-1 6.3 MVA with 16 MVA
35 kV and above power transformer, pcs. 26 22
switch 35 kV and above, pcs. 43 33
disconnector 35 kV and above, pcs. 36 35
OTL 110 kV:

by the division of OTL 110 kV:

  • lightning protection device in the spans of the supports No. 18–36 OTL 110 kV of Krymskaya-KPTF, schedule for implementation of these measures of the investment program has been adjusted to reflect the fact of 2018, with the completion of work in 2019 due to occurrence of circumstances during construction that complicates the conditions for the production of works and determines the increase in the time frame for their completion
complex reconstruction of 35 kV overhead lines and above, km
wire, km 2.46 0.9
including high-temperature wire, km
support, pcs. 4 3
including increased support, pcs.
insulator, pcs
ground wire, km
OTL 0.4–6 kV:
including mounting of Steel Insulated Wires (SIW), km 6.57 6.57
SIW in the forest, km
SIW across the populated area, km 6.57 6.57