Measures to reduce energy losses

Measures to reduce energy losses

One of the essential activities of the Company is to reduce the level of electricity losses.

Following the results of 2018, the effect from the implementation of measures aimed at reducing electricity losses during its transmission amounted to a total of 235.8 million kW • h (634.0 million rubles), including due to:

  • organisational arrangements – 48.8 million kWh (88.7 million rubles);
  • technical measures – 5.2 million kW • h (15.2 million rubles);
  • improvement of electricity metering – 181.7 mln kW • h (530.0 million rubles).

In the future, this work is supposed to be continued.

The activities of the program to reduce energy losses are met, the target indicator of the program – the level of energy losses – has been reached.