Tariffs for technological connection services

Standardized tariff rates for the cost of technological connection of power consumers devices, transmission facilities owned by the network operators and other persons, as well as for a single connection, and standardized tariff rates to cover network construction costs were established by the Order of REC-DPR KR dated December 28, 2017 No. 66/2017-e (with amendments and additions).

Detailed information on the established standardized tariff rates and the rate of payment per unit of maximum capacity for technological connection to the electric networks of Kubanenergo PJSC for 2018 is available on the Company’s website in the section “Tariffs rates for technological connection”.

Falling revenues associated with the implementation by Kubanenergo PJSC of technological connection of power receivers to categories of applicants, the cost of technological connection for which is determined taking into account the pricing features defined by the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1178 of December 29, 2011 “On pricing in the field of regulated prices (rates) in the electric power industry”, taken into account in the tariff for electricity transmission services for 2016–2018, in thousand rubles.
2016In accordance with the order of REC-DPR KR dated December 31, 2015, No. 94/2015-e (with amendments and additions). 2017Under the orders of REC-DPR KR dated December 30, 2016, No. 57/2016-e, dated February 15, 2017, No. 4/2017-e (with amendments and additions). 2018Under the order of REC-DPR KR dated December 28, 2017, No. 63/2017-e (with amendments and additions).
82,944.95 98,874.17 141,864.41

Analysis of changes in the average rate per unit of power in Kubanenergo PJSCThe rate of payment for the technological connection of power devices of electricity consumers, transmission facilities owned grid companies and other persons to the power distribution networks of Kubanenergo PJSC, not including the construction and reconstruction of electric grid facilities, at a voltage level below 35 kV and connected power less than 8,900 kW, was adopted to analyze the change in the rate per power unit of Kubanenergo PJSC.
Indicator 2016 2017 2018
Average rate per power unit, rubles/ kW 573.80 599.42 618.90
Gain/decrease, % 6.6 4.5 3.2
Dynamics of the average size of rates per unit of power, rub./kW

Options of payment for technological connection by applicants (percentage of contracts, used one of the methods for calculating to the total number of contracts concluded), %

The size of the actual average rate per unit of capacity in 2016 is associated with the closure of revenue under contracts with OOO Gazprom Invest, the connection of power facilities of which was carried out on an individual project in the amount of 2,092,621,568.45 rubles (without the VAT), with a power of 8 700 kW.

The decrease in the average rate per unit of power in 2017 was due to the connection in 2016 of two objects of LLC Gazprom Invest with a capacity of 8,700 kW for the amount of revenue of more than 2 billion rubles.

The decrease in the average rate per unit of power in 2018 is due to the connection in 2017 of the facility of ZAO Tamanneftegaz with a capacity of 60,000 kW to the amount of revenue of 118 million rubles.