Information Policy

Information policy of the Company is aimed at satisfaction of the needs of shareholders, representatives of the investment community, customers, contractors, organizations — regulators of relevant markets, state authorities, employees and other parties, interested in full, consistent and reliable information about the Company and its activities, as well as to ensure the possibility of free and easy access to this information.

Concepts of transparency (disclosure) of the Company information
Concepts Implementation of the Concepts
Regularity, consistency, efficiency
  • Compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, the needs of the regulators of the relevant markets, internal documents of the Company in terms of information disclosure;
  • continuity of the process of disclosure;
  • the minimum period of information disclosure;
  • prompt provision of information on the Company’s position regarding rumors or inaccurate data, forming a distorted view of the Company’s evaluation and the value of its securities
Availability The Company employs channels and ways of disseminating information about its activities available to the majority of stakeholders, providing free, easy and indiscriminate access to the information disclosed.
Completeness, accuracy and comparability

The Company strives to:

  • provide stakeholders with complete, objective, false information, without avoiding the disclosure of negative information about the Company itself;
  • disclose understandable and consistent information with comparable data;
  • ensure the neutrality of the information disclosed (independence of the presentation of data from the interests of any persons or their groups)

In providing information, the Company strives to obtain a reasonable balance between the interests of shareholders and the interests of the Company, concerned in maintaining the confidentiality important business information, which could have a material impact on the Company competitiveness.

The Company maintains high standards of corporate social responsibility and maintains a continuous dialogue with target audiences to strengthen corporate reputation and increase the fair value of the business.

The Regulation on the Information PolicyRegulation on the Information Policy of the Company is published on the website — section ’About Us /Constituent and internal documents.’ has been in effect in the Company since 2006. The Regulation set forth the goals, objectives, principles, means, methods, procedures, and deadlines for disclosing information, and its catalog.

In addition to the information subject to mandatory disclosure, the Company discloses detailed information about its activities, securities, and shareholders, management and control bodies, material transactions, its subsidiaries and affiliates.

Kubanenergo PJSC discloses information in Russian and English in all cases when it is permitted by the applicable legislation of Russian Federation and does not contradict the essence of information disclosure in the particular case (interviews, public statements under conditions not allowing simultaneous translation, etc.). The Company tends to synchronize information disclosure in the Russian and English languages.

Information about the Company is disclosed generally by placing it on the corporate website, in the news feed of the authorized information agency "Interfax,"; publications in print and electronic media, through meetings, interviews, briefings with shareholders and other interested parties, etc.

The General Director of the Company provides the implementation of the information policy.

Monitoring over the implementation of the Information Policy Regulation is exercised by the Board of Directors, by the annual reviewing the report of the General Director of the Company on compliance with the information policy.

Annual reports of the Company for 2015 and 2016 were included in the short-lists of the XIX and XX annual competitions of annual reports organized by Moscow Exchange PJSC and the RZB media group in the nomination "Best Annual Report of a Company with a Capitalization of up to 40 Billion rubles.";

The completeness of the information disclosed by the Company, according to research conducted by the Russian Regional Network, on integrated reporting corresponds to the third level of transparency — "Disclosure of information over the Russian legal requirements.";

The position of Kubanenergo PJSC in the corporate transparency rating of the largest Russian companies:
Year of research The number of points assigned to the reporting of Kubanenergo PJSC Company’s position in the corporate transparency rating
2016 15.25 out of 100 69
2017 17 out of 100 55
2018 19.4 out of 100 57